Updates & Sending Out Love


Hey #Blossomcrew! I just wanted to take some time out of my weekend to keep you guys

updated on things that I’ve been up to lately and send some love to you all that have

been supporting my work each and every day. Let me start out my saying, thank you to

everybody that has been supporting my work. I’ve been getting amazing feedback

through social media. specifically Instagram ( follow @tpoetblossom & follow my

partner @nlvdesigns who will be helping with my merch and designs). I appreciate

every like, comment and message I receive and without you guys and the support, my

work wouldn’t be out there as much at that’s all I ever wanted.  I love that fact that I’ve

had people message me telling me that I inspired them to write or that my poem made

their day. So many people say they relate to my poems and that was my goal from the

very beginning so i’m happy that I can connect with you through my poems. Each poem

has a deep meaning, you can interrupt the poems any way you want because no way is

wrong and as long as you feel something from the poem, that’s all that matters. I

appreciate you all and will continue this journey of doing what I love. Now onto some

updates. I’ve been working on poems, I write a poem to post almost every day or every

two days max, I randomly write poems throughout the days at different times so I always

end up having a new poem to post. I give my poems a title after I finish writing (fun fact

lol) I just wait until I’m completely done to feel the vibe of the poem. Anyway, I  will be

posting more spoken word videos, I post them at least once a week. If you have a

requests on a poem you want me to recite, DM me on Instagram or comment under

the poem. I also have started working on collabs with other poets and it’s been a fun and

nice expierence so far. It’s great to work with others and help each other out. If you

know someone you think I should collab with be sure to mention it. I’m open to ideas!

Other news: I’m defiantly working on merch for you guys that will be including hats, I

thought of some dope ideas to contribute on them and I know you guys would be into it.

They’re so cute!! I have a few other special ideas that I really want to bring to life and in

time I will. A lot of cute and creative things coming you way and I can’t wait! Thanks for

reading and supporting. 

Much love