All about T


As you already know,  I’m known as Tpoet. My real name is Tara and I was born and raised in NYC. I grew up playing hopscotch on the bronx streets, attending public school from kindergarten through high school and then moving on to a year and a half in community college.

I started college and just turned eighteen October of 2014 and my dad my suddenly passed away a month later, November 20, 2014. That moment changed my mom, sister and I’s life forever.

Within a year after his passing, I began not feeling like myself. Things started changing and I was picking up bad habits. I felt discouraged, angry and so much more. My emotions were everywhere and  I didn’t know how to handle them. I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety and decided I should look into therapy as an option and two years later, I thankfully have a completely different and positive mindset.

Writing and rhyming – that’s what kept me sane when I was going through it. I didn’t know how or want to talk about what I was feeling so I wrote. It became a habit overtime and afterwhile I thought “maybe I should share my work with others and see the outcome” so that’s when I changed my Instagram into @tpoetblossom in September of 2017.

I’m more motivated then ever and want to expand in everything I do. Passion equals success and i’m passionate about my work just like my dad was. He was a great artist, I’m talking about free hand drawing skills! He was also a singer in a band as well. He had a lot going for him and I just want to follow in his steps of success. Everything that I do now, is for him.

Rip Daddy IMG_6376Love you infinity