Merchandise/Commission poems


Hi my lovely supporters, it’s been a little while since I updated you guys on what’s going

on when it comes to poetry and all the great ideas i’m bringing to life. Of course I’m

nonstop writing poems. I haven’t been working on this blog as much as I would like

because I’ve been so busy promoting myself on different social media and just getting all

my work out there. Anyway, I want to share that I now have my very own business cards

made by my partner @nlvdesigns, check out her work on IG. She also made my own GIF

that you see above. I also made some stickers of

my own and will be putting more out within this month (samples below) I hate so many

merchandise ideas that are completely designed, I just have to get some stuff done and

hopefully I get to share these designs with you soon. I will also be putting out

information on commission poems that i’ll be doing. It’s such a fun and original idea and

each piece will be hand crafted by me. I can’t wait to share more with you guys. Last but

not least, please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel, the link is below. I’m trying to gain a

decent amount of following to start posting all spoken word videos on there. I want to

make videos for all of my poems (A LOT) so Youtube is the place to be for that.

SUBSCRIBE & look out for my videos! Thank you for the continuous support. Love you










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